System software and tools for SIC/XE hypothetical computer

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Tools for SIC/XE hypothetical computer from the Leland Beck’s book System Software. Includes:

  • Assembler
  • Simulator
  • Linker

Main simulator view

Many features are described on the features page and documented in documentation.

See also a companion project SicDemos for several example assembly programs. Available under BSD 2-Clause license.


SicTools may be downloaded as a JAR file or built from source.


Download the latest stable version from releases. You may need to change the file permissions to allow execution.

Building from source

Download / clone source code and run make.

git clone
cd SicTools
make jar


To run simulator

java -jar out/make/sictools.jar

To run assembler

java -cp out/make/sictools.jar sic.Asm source.asm

where source.asm is the file to be compiled.

To get assembler help

java -cp out/make/sictools.jar sic.Asm -help

To run linker

java -cp out/make/sictools.jar sic.Link -o out.obj in1.obj in2.obj ...

where out.obj is the output file and in1, in2,… are .obj files to be linked.

To get linker help

java -cp out/make/sictools.jar sic.Link -help

To get graphical linker interface

java -cp out/make/sictools.jar sic.Link -g

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